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Filibuster The Boondoggler and Straight Rye Whiskey Reviews

On today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we head down to Virginia for a visit to Filibuster Distillery for a taste of two of their whiskey expressions. The first is called The Boondoggler, and the second is a Straight Rye.

Here’s what they have to say about each expression:


The Boondoggler is a wholly different approach to Blending and Finishing. The Boondoggler is neither a bourbon or a rye in the traditional sense but combines elements of booth for a one of a kind taste experience

STYLE: American Whiskey
MASH BILL: Corn & Rye
BARREL: Ex-White American
FINISH: Ex Chardonnay, Ex Pinot, Ex Cab, Ex Fino, Ex Pedro Ximenez


The advantages of the “Dual Cask” aging method noticeable with Rye. We utilize the soft, post-fermentation components of white wine to impart aroma and texture. When these 2-3 year-old French oak barrels are emptied, and our Rye goes in for its “Dual Cask” aging period. The result is a rich, round, velvety-smooth Rye Whiskey, with none of the harsh “grassy” character that sometimes can detract from the enjoyment of Rye.

AGED: 4 Years
MASH BILL: Rye & Barley
WAREHOUSE: 25,000 SQ FT Non-Controlled Temp Rickhouse
BARREL TYPE: Char 4 White American Oak
FINISH: Ex Chardonnay, Ex Pinot, Ex Cab, Ex Fino, Ex Pedro Ximenez

Regular viewers are well aware of our fondness for trying product from distilleries that are new to us. It’s like traveling the globe to try new things without leaving the (relative) comfort of The Murder Table! To find out what we thought of these two whiskeys, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Linda Roth Public Relations for sending us these very generous samples!

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