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The Story of Friends Giving Hazy IPA with Brian and Drew of Double Nickel Brewing

On Friday, December 11, 2020, the Lads from The East Coast Office (Limpd & G-LO) spent some time with Brian Needham and Drew Perry of Double Nickle Brewing Company to discuss a collaborative Craft Beer created to help local charities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey raise money for the growing issue of food insecurity. The beer is called Friends Giving. The breweries that participated in the making of this brew are…

Double Nickel Brewing
Tonewood Brewing
Cape May Brewing
Urban Village Brewing Co.
Source Farmhouse Brewery

Charities supported by this beer include…

Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Cathedral Kitchen
Mobile Farmers Market

To hear more about the creation of this beer and how everyone came together to help those in need, click the play button on the following video:

And if you’d like to make a direct donation to one of the mentioned charities, be sure to click the links up above. Cheers!

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