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Dogfish Head Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush Review

Our dear friends at Dogfish Head recently teamed up with a company called Nipyata and released a canned cocktail that was especially crafted for Valentine’s Day. Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush is the name of the drink, and if you timed it right, you could order a boozy Valentine’s Day “card” for your special someone that would contain a can of this tasty sounding libation.

Before we get to the review, here are a few words about Nipyata…

nip·ya·ta \nip-ˈyä-tə\ noun. A piñata filled with nips and candy chasers. Typically strung up and beaten with a stick by adults until it breaks and things fall out and everyone goes wild. In other words: The World’s Greatest Boozy Gift.

We launched NIPYATA! to bring joy and laughter to the party people. Send one to a boozy fun-lover and watch them smile with delight.

For grownups who refuse to grow up. You know who you are.

Pick your favorite spirits. Pick the number of mini plastic bottles. Pick the deliver by date.

Let us take care of the rest! We’ll make sure it’s a Smashing Success!

Order one today or tell your friends you want one for your birthday,then party your pants off!

And here’s a few words about Dogfish Head’s latest canned cocktail creation…

Vodka distilled over real blood oranges and mangos, then blended with orange juice, mango juice and a touch of lime, Dogfish Head’s Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush is sure to make any crush blush! Bursting with juicy sweet and tart flavors of orange rind and dried mango intermingled with citrusy aromas of grapefruit and orange make this Canned Cocktail light, refreshing and totally crush-able. As a bonus, each Canned Cocktail contains two full-proof shots of Dogfish Head Distilling Co. vodka, providing just enough liquid courage to let those sparks fly.

“Whether you’re confessing your feelings to your new main squeeze or reminding your longtime love just how much you care, there’s really no better way to sweep your crush off their feet than with a Crush Canned Cocktail from Dogfish,” said Dogfish Head Founder & Brewer, Sam Calagione. “I know my wife, Mariah, and I will be sharing some this Valentine’s Day as we reminisce on our decades-long love story.”

All of this sounds positively delightful, delicious, and way more fun than a dozen roses! To find out what we thought of it, click play on the following video:

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Many thanks to Dogfish Head Brewery for sending us these very generous samples!

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