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Triple Dog Irish Whiskey Review

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table features a brand new Irish Whiskey that goes by the name Triple Dog (as in, “I Triple Dog dare ya!”). As is usually the case, there’s a bit of a back story with this spirit, so instead of trying to reinvent the back story wheel, we’ll let the makers tell it in their own words via a bit of cutting and pasting from their website:

For centuries, master distillers of Irish whiskey have dared to compete with each other to create some of the best whiskeys in the world. Years ago, on a brisk and fateful evening in a small Dublin pub, a group of whiskey makers were passionately debating how traditional Irish whiskey could better appeal to the next generation of Irish whiskey lovers.

Of course, being whiskey lovers themselves (exceptionally so that particular night), they dared each other to create a new caliber of whiskey, something outside the conventional, stodgy norm. These things tend to escalate, which eventually led to the pinnacle of pub challenges: the formidable “Triple Dog Dare.”

At the table that night was Dan O’Shevlin, a whiskey aficionado with a background in biochemistry. Inspired and undaunted, Dan took the dare. The result is a new breed of Irish whiskey—an unconventionally styled, yet true Irish spirit markedly different from traditional, establishment brands—aptly named, Triple Dog.

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is an Irish spirit born of, and celebrating, daring individuality. Beyond the strong pedigree, its bold stance alone tells you these dogs were bred to be different. But wait until you taste it. This deliciously unique and proprietary blend has a sweet aroma of toasted caramel, and a rich palette of crème brûlée, honey, and cracked vanilla bean followed by a defined citrus finish. Each bottle contains a spirit aged at least five years in French oak casks.

With its modern taste profile, and rich, ultra smooth temperament, Triple Dog has been making impressions on the most discerning of whiskey palates—from seasoned whiskey drinkers, to the most recent of whiskey enthusiasts who just know what they like.

We were lucky enough to have our first sip of Triple Dog during a Zoom call with the makers, and what we learned pretty quickly is that this whiskey is a definite departure from what we usually get from an Irish Whiskey. Different is always fun, but is Triple Dog actually worth your time and money? Click play on the ollowing video to find out:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Big Thirst Marketing for sending us this very generous sample!

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