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Oskar Blues Double Dale’s Double IPA Review

While canned beer is nothing new, back in 2002, canned CRAFT BEER was a bit of a novelty. Bottled beer said class. Canned beer evoked 24 packs of macro-swill that could be had for less than the cost of two Starbucks Vente Lattes. Thanks to Longmont, Colorado’s Oskar Blues and their decision to can their Dale’s Pale Ale, canned Craft Beer is now the norm and no longer a novelty.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dale’s Pale Ale, Oskar Blues has launched a wee 9% ABV beer called Double Dale’s. Here’s what they had to say about it in a recent press release:

Two decades ago, Oskar Blues Brewery sent shockwaves through the beer industry when they packed Dale’s Pale Ale into a can. It was then an unheard-of packaging decision, but the reasons were obvious to the OB team: it allowed everyone to easily take craft beer on the trail AND it delivered a fresher beer. Now, Double Dale’s Imperial IPA picks up the torch, the welder, and the hacksaw to turn the industry upside down again, doubling down on hops with a newly formulated, massive IPA worthy of the legendary original craft beer in a can.

Double Dale’s is brewed with juicy, tropical El Dorado and complex Talus hops, keeping with the Dale’s tradition of utilizing only American hops. Fruity, piney flavors from the hops mingle with a caramel-driven malt bill, and the whole beast is supported by a new mineral-forward house blend of H2O, which includes six brewing salts. The result is a larger-than-life spin on Dale’s that’s just as packable, drinkable and recyclable as the original.

We’re big fans of the original Dale’s, so doubling down on all that goodness had us more than a wee bit excited to try Double Dale’s. To find out if Double Dale’s doubles down on original Dale’s goodness, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Oskar Blues for sending us these very generous samples!

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