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Holmes Cay Rum South Africa Mhoba 2017 Review

The next stop on our never ending journey around the world of booze takes us to South Africa for a taste of a 4 year old, single cask rum from the Mhoba Distillery. This rum is brought into the United States by independent bottler Holmes Cay Rum ().

Here’s a bit more information about this rum:

Delivering on its promise to share rare and special rums to spirits lovers, Holmes Cay Rum has built a reputation over the past two years by selecting and releasing an annual series of limited edition rums. Available today, Holmes Cay’s South Africa Mhoba 2017 marks the first time South African Rum has ever been sold in the United States and the first time that rum from the Mhoba Distillery is available stateside.

The Mhoba Distillery uses hand-cut cane grown on the adjacent farm, and distills from fresh pressed cane juice on a crusher designed by Greaves. Both commercial and wild African yeasts are used in fermentation. The pot stills which produce this richly aromatic and flavorful rum were also designed and built by Greaves. This edition has been aged for four years exclusively in South African whisky casks.

The Holmes Cay South Africa Mhoba 2017 edition was aged for 4 years in subtropical conditions of the Mhoba distillery in the Mpumalanga province on the northeastern border of South Africa, before being bottled in New York State. Only four barrels were selected. No sugar, color or other flavors were added. The Holmes Cay South Africa Mhoba 2017 is bottled at full barrel proof of 59% ABV. 

While we’ve had a whisky or two from South Africa, this is the first rum we’ve ever tried from their. Given our first experience with the Holmes Cay Fiji Rum (twas deelish!), we went in to this tasting with high hopes. Click the play button on the following video to find out if this rum lived up to our expectations:

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Many thanks to Handcrafted PR for sending us this very generous sample!

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