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Puffin Drinkwear Review

From Cosplay to Halloween and all points in between, it’s quite obvious that grown-up men and women just looooooove to play dress-up! While we at Booze Dancing Media find this ever growing trend to be cute and all, we prefer to get our dress-up ya-yas out by dressing up our drinks…

Pretty glassware.
Colorful Yetis.
Rimmed and properly garnished cocktails.

All that and more is our jam, so when the fine folks at SheGrown Media emailed us about a Bend, Oregon company called Puffin Drinkwear that makes Koozies shaped to look like outdoor wear, i.e. jackets, vests, life jackets, sweaters, etc., we were 100% onboard for a review of these cute and quirky drinking accessories.

Here’s what SheGrown Media told us about Puffin Drinkwear:

Puffin’s drink wear is on a mission to bring fun and celebrate good by creating fabulous drink wear to keep your beverages cold. Puffin encourages to dress up beverages and turn your favorite drink into your best buddy. Charming designs, rugged vibes, necessary functionality, and guaranteed to make you smile.

The brand’s tagline of Fun Together is no accident. Puffin works 20% better than a standard koozie. Puffin’s drink wear items retail for $12.95 and up and sold online at, and in over 2,000 retail locations in the US including every R.E.I store.

To find out what we thought of these adorable looking drinking accessories, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to SheGrown Media for sending us this very generous sample!

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