Blue Chair Bay Rum

Blue Chair Bay Rum & Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Collaboration Review

There was a stretch a few years ago when booze and ice cream was all the rage at Booze Dancing Central…

Peaty Scotch poured over vanilla ice cream? We did that!

A vanilla shake made with Connemara Irish Whisky, a vanilla Oreo cookie , and a top quality cocktail sherry that we named after a favorite Irish Crime Fiction character? We did that too!

A chocolate milkshake with Four Roses Bourbon and some high quality cocoa powder? You’re damn right we did that!

Or how about a milkshake made with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and Bunnahabhain 12? Yep!

About a month or so ago, an email landed in our inbox telling us about a collaboration of sorts between Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Spirits and Tipsy Scoop, a boozy ice cream maker from NYC. Booze and Ice Cream? Given our history, how could we possibly say no to that?

This collaboration consists of four different ice cream flavors made with several of Blue Chair Bay’s spirits. Here’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table:

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, iconic songwriter/superstar Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum and the boozy ice cream experts at Tipsy Scoop are teaming up on four new rum-infused flavors!

The 4-pack features ice cream flavors to make rum lovers rejoice. Dirty Banana ice cream is made with Blue Chair Bay® Banana Rum Cream, Blue Chair Bay® Banana Rum and a chocolate fudge swirl. Mango Daiquiri Sorbet is created with with fresh mangoes, Blue Chair Bay® Mango Rum Cream and White Rum. Piña Colada ice cream recreates the classic frozen cocktail with Blue Chair Bay® Pineapple Rum Cream and Coconut Rum. Finally, Spiked Key Lime Pie ice cream takes Blue Chair Bay® Key Lime Rum Cream, Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Rum and graham cracker crumble for a tangy twist.

To find out what we thought of these delicious sounding boozy, frozen treats, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Tipsy Scoop for sending us these very generous samples!

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