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Jefferson’s Single Barrel No. 125 for Friendship Wine & Liquor Review

Baseball season is in full swing (see what I did there?), which means our man Limpd has been on the travel baseball circuit with his boys. During a recent baseball tournament in Maryland with his youngest, he did what all good fathers do between games: he hit the local liquor stores in search of interesting booze and/or brews.

One of his more fruitful stops was at Friendship Wine & Liquor in Abingdon, MD. There he picked up the Foursquare Rum that we recently reviewed and a Jefferson’s Single Barrel Bourbon that was bottled exclusively for Friendship Wine & Liquor. The barrel number on this particular bottle was 125.

We weren’t able to get any specific information about this particular bottling, but there is a bit of information on the Jefferson Bourbon site about their Single Barrel expressions. Here’s what they have to say about them:

Trey Zoeller decided to offer Jefferson’s Reserve, their most quintessential bourbon in the portfolio, at a higher proof to satisfy the thirst of a bigger more robust Reserve offering. This expression enhances the flavors without being too strong. The single barrel allows the Jefferson’s Reserve flavors to be amplified at the enhanced proof. Jefferson’s Reserve at 100 proof hits the apex of flavors extracted, without burying the secondary elements.

We’ve had many a Jefferson’s Bourbon over the years and have always enjoyed them, so when a higher proof version comes along, you just know we have to give it a try. To find out if it lived up to our expectations, click the play button on the following video:

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