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Boozy Milkshake Recipe: The Frankie Valli

The Frankie ValliOn August 27th, a conversation erupted on Twitter between Josh Feldman (@TheCooperedTot), Johanne McInnis (@Whiskylassie), @ScotchBlog, @AaronMKrouse, Susannah Skiver Barton (@WhatTastesGood), Las Vegas Whisky (@LVWhisky), and myself. It all started with my tweet about Josh Feldman’s most recent blog post which was a review of Rob Gard’s (@WhiskyGuyRob) self published memoir “Distilling Rob“. From there, the conversation went off on all kinds of tangents. The discussion went from Whoopie Pies to Poutine to Unibroue beer to cheese soaked in Whisky, and eventually ended just before midnight with a list of boozy milkshake concoctions (click here to read a big chunk of the conversation).

Although the conversation pretty much ended that night, I couldn’t get the thought of a boozy milkshake out of my head, so the last time I went to the supermarket, I decided to pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream so that I could experiment a bit with one of the boozy milkshake recipes that we discussed.

Here’s what I came up with…

The Frankie Valli

Directions: Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour it into your favorite glass.

While I have seen the boozy milkshake popping up on cocktail and dessert menus in several Philly restaurants, this is the first time that I am actually having one.  So how was The Frankie Valli? I absolutely loved it! While the creamy coldness of the ice cream and milk definitely toned down the alcohol punch of the Bunnahabhain 12, the chocolate fudge and cherry flavors paired perfectly with the Sherry cask influence of this whisky. It was as if the ice cream was made with booze filled chocolate covered cherries. I will definitely make this again!

Of course one question remains: Why do I call this The Frankie Valli? Here’s why…


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  1. Wait, what? A tangent-laced twitterchat in which I was not involved (or invited)? How can this be? Crestfallen.

    Fine – I’ll play:

    “The Buzzed Brush Fire”:

    8 oz B&J Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz
    2.725 oz Milk
    1 TBS Ovaltine Vanilla Malt Powder
    3 oz Balcones Brimstone

    Blend, pour into a chilled pint glass (preferably embossed with the likeness of Stephen Hawking) and dust very lightly with chipotle powder.

    Enjoy in the company of known persons with one unidentified French baguette baker.

    Chilly Cheers!


    • Crestfallen? Puh-lease! You know how Twitter rolls. Just jump in. Though given all of the “Alemonger’s Foodie Violations” that were discussed, perhaps it’s better that you warmed the bench on this go around.

      Re: your shake recipe, all I can say is, I WANT ONE! Did you buy a bottle of Brimstone, and if so, is there any left? We must make this!


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