Catching Up On a Summer Day [or “How We Learned to Love DEET!”]


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Ahh…summer time. Nothing better than catching some rays with appropriate sunscreen for your personal skin type, catching a wave at your local body of rhythmically moving water, and catching a soft line drive off the bat of a good-glove-low OPS-overpaid-high-draft choice from a square state who swings at junk out of the strike zone no matter the count. Summer is also for catching up with friends and neighbors; preferably in their backyard to eliminate any cleaning up on your part. And summer here at Boozedancing HQ is also for catching up on the latest and semi-greatest in the television sphere.

Episode 16 of What We Watch When We Drink finds G-LO and the West Coast Office yapping and yucking over their recent TV viewing history (and catching a dram or two of whisky, of course). Sadly, Limpd missed this one after catching one of those nasty summer colds. Don’t worry, he’s all better now, hopelessly trying to catch a nap while his minions pester the hell out of him just enough to seriously consider catching a train, plane, or automobile to get some real sleep. Cheers, Limpd!

Show Notes:

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