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Whisky Review – Dancing Goat Limousin Rye

This time last year, yours truly was fortunate enough to spend a weekend visiting Craft Breweries and Craft Distilleries in and around Madison, Wisconsin with Whisky Guy Rob and The Minty. One of the Craft Distilleries visited during this 48 hour visit was Cambridge, Wisconsin’s Dancing Goat Distillery which is located 22 miles east of Wisconsin’s State Capitol Building.

During my visit, I was given an extensive and highly detailed tour of the facility by distillery owner Travis Hasse. I was also afforded the opportunity to sample several cocktails made with the distillery’s signature spirit, Limousin Rye, which is the subject of today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table.

Below are a few words about this spirit taken directly from the distillery’s website:

Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye is uniquely aged with innovative barreling techniques utilizing three different types of vintage and new oak. Forward notes of light vanilla and caramel finish with a swell of spice and warmth. Blended in our custom made Solera finishing system with Limousin oak barrels.

Truth be told, I really enjoyed this spirit when I sampled it on-site, and was fortunate enough to bring home a wee sample to share with Limpd. To find out if Limpd was as enthusiastic as I am about Dancing Goat’s Limousin Rye, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Dancing Goat Distillery for their hospitality and generosity!

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