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The Kilchoman Loch Gorm Affogato

This post was going to be a standard review of Kilchoman’s latest Loch Gorm release, but then I had another idea. It all started with a Tweet… What we see in the above tweet is a boozy variation of the Italian dessert called an Affogato. For those that […]

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float!

I’m not really sure what the above scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail has to do with a Boozy Root Beer Float. They did say the word “float” over and over again, so I guess there’s that as a possible connection. Whatever the reason, once that […]

Boozy Milkshake Recipe: The Frankie Valli

On August 27th, a conversation erupted on Twitter between Josh Feldman (@TheCooperedTot), Johanne McInnis (@Whiskylassie), @ScotchBlog, @AaronMKrouse, Susannah Skiver Barton (@WhatTastesGood), Las Vegas Whisky (@LVWhisky), and myself. It all started with my tweet about Josh Feldman’s most recent blog post which was a review of Rob Gard’s (@WhiskyGuyRob) […]

Food Review – French Macarons by Sugar Philly

And now for something completely different… Perhaps it’s my Sicilian heritage, but whenever someone says, “I have a surprise for you”, two thoughts immediately cross my mind: (1) “Uh oh! What did I do now?, and (2) “What’s this gonna cost me?”. Thankfully, when Mrs. G-LO uttered this […]