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Tamworth Garden Damson Plum Gin Review

Just when you thought you heard about every possible spirit out there, you walk into a very pretty store that has shelves lined with very pretty bottles of booze and stumble upon something new. The store is Old Philadelphia’s Art in the Age and the new booze is Tamworth Distillery‘s Tamworth Garden Damson Plum Gin.

Here are a few words about this intriguing spirit taken directly from the Tamworth Distillery website…

Damson Gin is made by infusing tart, sweet damson plums into gin, and is the lesser-known cousin of Sloe Gin. Both damsons and sloes are commonly found growing through Britain’s iconic hedgerows. Since the 1700s, while Colonial Americans were preserving their apple crops by fermenting cider and cold-distilling applejack, commoners and farmers in Britain were harvesting sloe berries (much too tart and astringent to eat on their own) and making them consumable by soaking them in alcohol. Since both fruits are harvested in the fall, they were infused just in time for holidays, and thus, a winter tradition was born.

We’ve paired damson plums with juniper, bitter orange, anise hyssop, and hops to create a tartly sweet and herbaceous spirit, which sits at a low proof for perfect sipping. Enjoy Damson Gin on its own as a pre or post-dinner sipper, or mix yourself a Damson Gin Fizz!

To find out if we stumbled upon something delicious or were hoodwinked by pretty packages in a very pretty store, click play on the following video:

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