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Ole Smoky Peppermint Moonshine Review

This is it! The last of the Ole Smoky Moonshine goodies that they were kind enough to send us…

Peppermint Moonshine is what’s on our Murder Table agenda, and given the time of year that this review is going up, we’d say our timing is pretty spot-on because who doesn’t love peppermint during the holiday season?

Here’s some info about this Peppermint Moonshine taken directly from the Ole Smoky Moonshine website:

Let the burst of cool peppermint take you back to cold winter nights, warm fires, and spiked hot cocoa. We took that classic peppermint flavor and added our moonshine to turn it into a cool shot with a sweet, warm burn at the end. You can almost hear the cocoa calling.

50% ABV

And here’s a recipe or two that make use of this yummy sounding elixir:


* 2 oz. Ole Smoky® Peppermint Moonshine
* .75 oz. Coffee Liqueur
* .75 oz. Half & Half

01 – Mix Well
02 – Serve on the Rocks


* 1.5 oz. Ole Smoky® Peppermint Moonshine
* 4 oz. Hot Chocolate
* Whipped Cream (optional)

01 – Mix well in a glass
02 – Top with whipped cream (optional)

Well these certainly sound delicious! But before we venture into the cocktail world, we need to find out if Peppermint Moonshine is good enough to stand on its own. Click play on the following video to find out what we thought of it.

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