A Top 10 TV Shows of 2022 Countdown Happy Hour!


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Lists abound at the end of year…

Worst Clothing Choices. Best Rap Albums by Non-Rappers. Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100. Top Baby Names for Parents Who Aim to Scar Their Children for a Lifetime. So many lists. And now it’s our turn…

The final episode of 2022 of What We Watch When We Drink is a rollicking one: our favorite TV shows of the year! There was a spreadsheet that was dissected, chopped, massaged, rearranged, and modified for each of our final lists. Then we took those lists and threw them directly in the trash and winged it. Sort of. Oh, we also drank some delicious whiskey from our own whisky lists to pump up the degree of difficulty.

It’s a fun look back on our year of Watching. Originally a livestream, we’re putting the convo out as a download. It’s a massive gift to you, our loyal listeners. It’s just how we are. And we’re cheap as hell.

We also bow our heads in our year-end In Memoriam segment. Thank you to all those A, B, and C-listers who died for this part of the show. And we open the mail bag for one final look at your cards and letters. Who knew people still used stamps and envelopes?!?

Happy New Year to all of our listeners! We’ll be watching more TV and Movies while drinking more quality spirits in 2023. Stay tuned!

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