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Widow Jane American Oak Aged Rye Whiskey Review

We’re headed back to Brooklyn for a taste of yet another whisky from Widow Jane Distillery. During our last go around, we tried their 10 year old Bourbon. This time we’re trying their American Oak aged Rye.

Here’s what Widow Jane has to about this whiskey on their website:

This American Oak Aged Whiskey Distilled from a Rye Mash is at least two years old. Mostly rye grain and a touch of barley, this rye is a spicy summer rye and makes some great cocktails. A good bitter, or a splash of vermouth or ginger beer goes a long way. – 45.5% ABV

One of us keeps saying that they don’t like the sharpness that Rye can bring to the whiskey party, and yet they keep buying it. While this behavior makes absolutely no sense (glutton for punishment?!?), it does bring a wide variety of spirits to the table, which is a very good thing! Click play on the following video to find out what we thought of this particular Rye expression.

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