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Le Coqtail Old Fashioned and Manhattan Cocktails Review

While our tastes reach far and wide when it comes to cocktails, our go-tos are usually spirit forward with minimal ingredients. With that in mind, on today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we’re reviewing two of our favorites, i.e. an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan, from a brand called Le Coqtail.

Both drinks came in 200 ML jars which were pretty much ready to go. Grab a glass, add some ice, a premium cocktail cherry, some orange peel, and you’re all set. That’s our kind of drink!

Here’s what the fine folks at Le Coqtail have to say about their easy-peasy and ready-to-drink libations:

Founded by Andy Irukulla, Le Coqtail ( is the world’s first speakeasy-style and ready-to-drink craft cocktails. Created in collaboration with the best mixologists and experts to ensure that no compromise is being made with the ingredients, quality or techniques. With Le Coqtail, you’ll get a well-balanced and tastefully done cocktail every time.

Andy created the brand after traveling around the world and being disappointed with the quality of craft cocktails. Seeing a void in the market he began his journey of creating craft, RTD (ready to drink), cocktails with consistency, quality, and class.

As we’ve mentioned in numerous videos, when it comes to cocktails, we’re incredibly lazy, so when tasty sounding drinks that require minimal effort to enjoy land on our doorstep, you know we’re gonna give them a try. To find out what we thought of Le Coqtail’s current offerings, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Brandway Creative PR for sending us these very generous samples!

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