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Boardroom Spirits Vodka Iced Tea Review

Walk in to any liquor store and you’ll be sure to find an ever expanding selection of Ready-To-Drink Cocktails on the shelves and in the refrigerator cases. Over the past few years we’ve been fortunate enough to try quite a few of them. Some were great. Others were just ok.

The latest batch of Ready-To-Drink Cocktails to land on The Murder Table comes to us from the fine folks at Boardroom Spirits. Vodka Iced Tea is what they’ve concocted, and it comes in three different flavors: Lemon, Peach and Raspberry.

Here’s what they have to say about each expression:

Vodka Iced Tea – Lemon: 5.5% ABV. Refreshing and light, our original lemon vodka iced tea is the first of our upcoming line of vodka iced teas. Enjoy!

Vodka Iced Tea – Peach: 5.5% ABV. Refreshing and light, our peach vodka iced tea is a delicious summer treat. Enjoy!

Vodka Iced Tea – Raspberry: 5.5% ABV. Refreshing and light, our raspberry vodka iced tea is tart and delicious. Enjoy!

That’s not much in terms of details, but seriously, what’s to know? Ice Tea spiked with Vodka and sweetened with natural fruit flavors. To find out if these libations are as simple, straightforward, and delicious as they sound, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Boardroom Spirits for sending us these very generous samples!

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