The Boys Are Back In Town!


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Summer is over, the Christmas / Halloween gear is on the shelves, and that brisk nip in the air can only mean one thing: The Boys Are Back in Town!

In the podcast “industry”, and by “industry”, we mean the “business”, summer is the time when podcasters all over the world go on “hiatus” (industry term) and head off to fish and hunt, spend time with their families, stain the deck, pay bills, and get to the dentist. And we, the What We Watch When We Drink team were no different, except we did none of those things. Heck, none of us has a deck or would know how to stain it!

No, we spent the summer going to our day jobs and watching as much TV as possible, for you, our listeners, because that’s just the kind of podcasters we are. Even when we did go out of town to fish and hunt, or see how other people wear masks, we were still streaming, bingeing, viewing, reviewing, and snoring through “gobs” (industry term) of TV series and movies, making notes, checking IMDB, downloading another “+” app, and Googling “best Ryan Reynolds movies”.

Again, it was all for YOU, our listeners, because we’re a different breed of podcaster; we don’t believe in the hiatus as a concept. We work and work and work and work, all for YOU, our listeners, so that YOU can take your fancy new wireless earbuds and get lost in your morning run, mindless commute, babysitting job, or air traffic controller shift.

So we are BACK… with Episode 18! For YOU! Our listeners. Back from what you ask? Episode 17, of course.

Show Notes:

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