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Yebiga “Bela” Serbian Plum Brandy Review

The beauty of this booze blogging business is getting to try things that you wouldn’t normally try. Whisk(e)y and Craft Beer are without a doubt our first loves, but as time goes by, we’ve slowly broadened our palate and found some real gems along the way…

Back in January 2021, we tried the first release of Yebiga Serbian Plum Brandy that went by the name “PRVA”. It was some seriously delicious stuff, and a few months after our review, we pulled together a live stream event with Yebiga’s founder, Bill Gould.

Prior to the live stream, Bill was kind enough to send us an unaged version of Yebiga called “Bela”. On today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we’re going to review it.

Here’s what the Bitters & Bottles Website has to say about Yebiga “Bela”:

A great spirit can often define a place and become inseparable from its mythology. In Southeastern Europe, particularly the Balkans, that is rakija. It is a key ingredient in the fabric of life from childbirth, to weddings, to funerals…and everything in between. The most popular is made from plums and called “šljivovica”. Yebiga is a textbook šljivovica, made in cooperation with one of Serbia’s premier families of distillation, that faithfully honors tradition with 100% natural ingredients: hand-picked first grade čačanska rodna plums and pure mountain spring water. Yebiga Bela is the company’s second Rakija bottling, following the company’s 18-month-minimum aged, 43% abv “PRVA” expression, unveiled in 2019. “BELA” is bottled unaged, reduced with spring water to 40% abv, for a slightly softer and less spicy expression of the spirit. Customarily enjoyed neat at room temperature, it carries a distinctive nose and character that is unlike anything else on the American bar shelf.

To find out what we thought of Yebiga’s “Bela” expression, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Bill Gould for sending us these very generous samples!

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