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Yebiga “PRVA” Rakija Serbian Plum Brandy Review

Back in early December, a press release landed in our inbox about a Serbian Plum Brandy called Yebiga “PRVA” Rakija. Truth be told, we don’t know a thing about Rakija, but given our appetite for trying new stuff, we were 100% on board to review it.

This particular version of Rakija has a rock and roll connection. Here’s the back story…

Bill Gould, the Bassist for the American Rock band Faith No More, and the Founder of Yebiga Rakija, first fell in love with Rakija backstage in Budapest after a show in 1992, and never forgot the taste or the feeling it gave him. He returned to the area many times, experiencing the spirit in various homes, bars and adventures. And then he took the plunge.

Gould focused on the two key aspects of crafting and exporting America’s first real premium Rakija. The first was a complete faithfulness to tradition that spans centuries with the technology and understanding of today. It’s looking at climates and weather, soil, and hyper-local fruit to get the most beautiful results across the category. The second was to refuse any time-saving steps via additives. The best rakijas are all natural, and Yebiga adheres adamantly to that philosophy.

What Gould and his team have created is Yebiga­­ —an 86-proof spirit, clear like the morning sun on a windowpane, lightly spicy, certainly fruity, floral, clean and a bracing bit of wonder in a bottle.

It sounds like Mr. Gould took this venture VERY seriously! Has all this effort paid off in the form of a yummy spirit? To found out if Yebiga “PRVA” Rakija tickled our taste buds, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Handcrafted PR for sending us this very generous sample!

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