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Deep Ellum Brewing Blind Pickle Hard Seltzer Review

There’s no shortage of fruited hard seltzers on the shelves these days, so when something as wacky as a pickled flavor version shows up, you just know we have to try it. Luckily for us, no hunting was involved as samples were delivered to our front porch.

The name of this pickle flavored hard seltzer is called Blind Pickle and it’s made by Dallas, Texas’s Deep Ellum Brewing Company. Here’s what they had to say about it in a recent press release:

Blind Pickle is a light, zesty hard seltzer infused with natural dill pickle flavor. The result is a dillicious, light beverage that pairs well with Texas summer. Crafted in a process similar to Deep Ellum’s other brands, Blind Pickle uses cane sugar instead of the malted barley that appears in a typical beer, making it gluten free, 100 calories, and high in pickle flavor.

Ever wonder why a pickle is always included with a sandwich? The tradition started in Jewish delis, where the pickle was introduced as a palate cleanser. Pickles enhance the flavors of whatever they accompany, so pair Blind Pickle with grilled cheese or cookout favorites like hamburgers or brats. Also pairs nicely with your favorite liquor, making the “pickle-back” obsolete.

We tried a couple of pickle flavored beers not so long ago and really enjoyed them, so we went in to this tasting with a bit of optimism (which is a rare occurrence when you drink at a venue such as The Murder Table!). To find out what we thought of this intriguing sounding libation, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Deep Ellum Brewing for sending us this very generous sample!

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