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Scotch Malt Whisky Society Battle Axe Batch 08 Review

We’ve enjoyed many a Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottling over the years. All were single cask, non-chill filtered, and most important of all, cask strength (many have a 5, or even a 6 in them. We like whiskies with 5s and 6s!). While all of them may not have been in our respective wheelhouses, all were worth a try, and most of the time, they were worth several tries.

This time around, we’re trying something a little different from the good old SMWS: a blended whisky made exclusively from Islay whiskies. And instead of the usual numbering and witty name, this particular whisky is just called Battle Axe. Here’s what they say about Batch 8 of this unusual blend:

This whisky is a celebration of our love for those heavily peated whiskies produced on the island of Islay. It is unapologetic in its intensity and spans across the earthy, floral, coastal and medicinal elements that can be found in this style. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The blacksmith clinked and clanked industriously at the anvil, bending black metal to his will. Axes, spears and lucky horseshoes were forged in stifling temperatures in preparation for battle. We travelled from our settlement at the bay, beyond the tar pit to the battleground, where peat-bog goblins pelted us mercilessly with pears poached in petrol and flaming lemons studded with liquorice root. By the time the battle was won the sky was filled with purple plumes of heather fuelled smoke, the earth scorched, the surrounding flora ablaze. Back home we found comfort around campfires and celebrated with oysters and mead. Retiring to bed, our stone huts exuded heavy aromas of damp earth and our peat fires were at their smouldering end as we drifted off into slumber. Someone stoked the flames with camphor, eucalyptus and dried heather. By morning our PPM levels were significant.

Cask: Refill hogsheads
Age: 8 years
Date distilled: April 2011
Alcohol: 50.0%
USA allocation: 480 bottles

My my my! They certainly paint an intriguing visual with their description of Battle Axe Batch 8. Does this whisky merit such lofty descriptors? Click the play button on the following video to find out:

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