A Haggis Walks Into A Bar [or “Crash and Burns Night”]

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Episode 7 of What We Watch When We Drink — A Haggis Walks Into A Bar [or “Crash and Burns Night”] — celebrates Robert Burns Night, Scottish Movies and TV, Scottish Actors, Scottish Actresses, Scottish football scores, best Scottish fish & chips takeaway shops, Scotch whisky(!), Scottish accents, favorite Scottish bands, Scottish roads, Scottish superheroes, Scottie dogs, Scottish pubs as a metaphor for the relationship between capitalism and a diverse population, Scottish poems, Scottish soda pop, Scottish politics, popular Scottish names for pets, the current weather in Scotland (cloudy with a chance of haggis), and what Scottish shows we might watch.

(Episode 7 o’ Whit We Watch Whin We Dram — A Haggis Walks Intae A Boozer (or “Crash ‘n’ Burns Night)” — celebrates Rabbie Burns Nicht, Scots Movies ‘n’ Telly, Scots Actors, Scots Actresses, Scots itba scores, best Scots fish & chips takeaway shaps, Cratur whisky(!), Scots accents, favorite Scots bands, Scots roads, Scots superheroes, Scottie dugs, Scots boozers as a metaphor fur th’ kinship atween capitalism ‘n’ a diverse population, Scots poems, Scots soda pop, Scots politics, weel-kent Scots names fur pets, ‘th’ current waither in bonnie Scotland (cloudy wi’ a chance o’ haggis), ‘n’ whit Scots shows we micht watch.) 

Listen in English or Scot today!(Listen in sassenach or Scot th’day!) 

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