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An East Coast / West Coast Review of California Falernum PLUS A Couple of Cocktails

Know what’s fun to say? Falernum! While it may sound like the name of a little known human body part, that ain’t what it is. If Tiki Cocktails are your thing (and if they aren’t, they really should be. Cause they’re delicious AND intoxicating!), then you probably know that Falernum is a staple in many a Tiki Cocktail.

This particular bottle of Falernum which goes by the name California Falernum comes to us from Geijer Spirits, the same people that sent us samples of the delicious California Fernet. Here’s what they have to say about this Tiki staple:

A domestic falernum with a California made Jamaican style rum as base.

Another funky expression where the proprietary Jamaican style rum brings depth and harmony to the final product while maintaining the lime and allspice notes that are expected from Falernums. This expression is a hand-crafted high quality falernum that will not only work in your classic Tiki cocktails – it will also work as a base and modifier in all kinds of cocktails.

Regular subscribers know that Mrs. Satellite Engineer, aka The West Coast Office’s wife who is an actual satellite engineer, is quite the Tiki-phile, so when the opportunity to sample and review this funky spirit with the even funkier name arose, we decided to rope her in to this discussion because she actually has experience with the stuff. To find out what the three of us thought of California Falernum, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Vision Wine & Spirits for sending us these very generous samples!

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