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A Review of Milk & Honey New Make Single Malt

Thanks to the generosity of The West Coast Office (The WCO), we once again travel to Tel Aviv, Israel for a tasting of yet another spirit from Milk & Honey Distillery. This time around, we’re going to try their New Make Single Malt which was gifted to The WCO by his friend Doug.

For those of you that are unfamiliar to New Make Single Malt, this is spirit that comes fresh off the still and bottled before it spends any time in the barrel to become the elixir that we call whisk(e)y. Here’s what Milk & Honey have to say about it:

New Make is the clear spirit flowing from our pot still, that after a few years of barrel aging becomes whisky. While the wood and the aging process are responsible for most of the final product characteristics, the New Make is the basis of every whisky – it allows us to taste and feel the beginning of a great single malt whisky and its malt and yeast flavors.

Our Single Malt New Make is double-distilled 100% malted barley and bottled at 50% abv./100 proof.

This is a delicate, smooth spirit, which is still complex and flavorful, despite its young age.

We’ve been lucky enough to try a new make Single Malt or two over the years and have been quite impressed with how much flavor there is before the spirit makes any contact with the wood. To find out what we thought of Milk & Honey’s New Make Single Malt, click the play button on the following video:

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