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A Review of Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength “Meet the Peat”

On October 10th, James Wills of Islay’s Kilchoman Distillery launched the “Meet the Peat” 2019 Tour which included stops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana. In the words of whoever runs the Kilchoman website, Mr. Wills brought a “plethora of the latest limited editions, merchandise and good humour for each and every event”.

Being the Kilchoman fans that we are, while we’re pleased to hear that the like-minded folks in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana experienced some delicious drams during these tour stops, the Philly/South Jersey and West Coast Offices are a little sad that our humble hometowns weren’t included as stops on this year’s tour. Thankfully, our fine friends at Impex more than made up for this bit of neglect by sending us samples of the Machir Bay Cask Strength expression that will only be available from “selected shops and bars during the tour”. It’s nice to have friends.

This is where we usually give you a bit of information about what we’ll be reviewing, but other than the fact that this was a “Meet the Peat” Tour-only bottling that it clocks in at a whopping 58.6% ABV, we don’t have much more that we can tell you about this expression.

Oh wait…

Since this is simply an amped-up version of Kilchoman’s Machir Bay, here are a few words about the regular bottling that clocks in at a “paltry” 46% ABV:

Named after the most spectacular beach on Islay, Machir Bay is the flagship of the Kilchoman range. It has a vatting of approximately 90% Bourbon barrels and 10% Oloroso Sherry casks.

Now that we have all that out of the way, click the play button on the following video to see and hear all that we had to say about Kilchoman’s Machir Bay Cask Strength “Meet the Peat”:

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Many thanks to Impex Beverages for hooking us up with these delicious samples!

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