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A Review of Penderyn Peated Single Malt Welsh Whisky

On today’s episode of East Coast / West Coast Whisky Tasting, we return to Wales for a rather long and occasionally off-the-rails discussion of yet another Penderyn expression. Since The West Coast Office is a bit of a Peat Phreak, we decided to do a coast-to-coast review of the Penderyn Peated Single Malt Welsh Whisky.

As we’ve done on many many occasions, this is where we insert some info from the distiller which usually goes into quite a bit of detail along with the occasional marketing gobbledygook. Here’s the rather sparse bit of info about this whisky that we found on the Penderyn website:

This whisky has a delicate spirit with a medium peaty character and a light golden tone. It is bottled at 46% ABV.

We’ve never been to Wales, but given that rather limited information, we suspect that the Welsh are a no-nonsense people. The same can’t be said about The West Coast Office and Yours Truly. We’re ALL about the nonsense! And you love us for it.

To see and hear all that they had to say about the Penderyn Peated Single Malt Welsh Whisky, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Impex Beverages for sending these very generous samples to our East Coast AND West Coast Offices!

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