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We Review a Trio of Two Roots Non-Alcoholic Beers

Yes, Virginia, you read that correctly. We’re going to review non-alcoholic beer on Does this mean that we’re going on the wagon? Oh, hell no! Today’s episode is what some folks like to call, “stepping out of our comfort zones”.

A couple of months ago we received an email from 5W Public Relations asking if we’d like to review the non-alcoholic beer that won a gold medal at the 2019 Great American Beer Fest (GABF) in Denver, Colorado. Although we’re not usually ones to partake of faux beer, when 5W mentioned the GABF win of their client’s product, our interest was piqued, so we agreed to accept some samples.

The brewer’s name is Two Roots from San Diego, CA, and the samples we received included non-alcoholic versions of a Lager (the GABF gold medal-winning Enough Said), an IPA (Road Scholar), and a Stout (RCG). Here are a few words about two of the “near beers” sampled that were taken from the brewer’s OTHER website:

Enough Said: “Ich bin Deutsch” says this inspired work of refreshing liquid art. Breathe it in before drinking and the nose comes alive with noble ingredients. Then that first sip, as magical as a first kiss, crisp on the lips and lingering on the tongue to dance in your memory.

Road Scholar: NA

RCG: You can get a dynamite version in Ireland, but not with our most precious ingredient. In addition to the cannabis infusion, RCG dazzles your senses with a body that’s rich, creamy, chocolatey and with just enough coffee notes that you might want to enjoy one with breakfast.

In addition to making non-alcoholic beers and selling them on their Two Roots Brewing Co. website, they also have a website for their cannabis-infused beers called Two Roots Cannabis. There was a bit of confusion with the can labeling, i.e. the cans say cannabis-infused when they actually weren’t, but we’ll go into all of that during our video review. To see and hear all that we had to say about Two Roots Brewing Co.’s near-beer offerings, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to 5W Public Relations for sending us these very generous samples!

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