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A Review of a 10 Month Old, Cask Strength, Bourbon Barrel Aged, Fidencio Mezcal from Single Cask Nation

Hola, Mi Amigos! If you’re a regular subscriber, then you are well aware that we loves us some variety at Boozedancing Central and will try just about anything booze-centric. Not saying that we like everything we try, but we at least give it a fair chance to prove itself to our palates.

On today’s episode of East Coast / West Coast Booze Review, we sample a variety of spirit that I don’t believe we’ve ever reviewed, i.e. Mezcal. The particular Mezcal that we’ll be discussing is from independent bottler Single Cask Nation (SCN) and was made in Oaxaca (Wah-HA-cah is how we assume it’s pronounced), Mexico. Here are a few words about this spirit taken directly from the SCN website:

This cask bottling, distilled in October 2016 by Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Jim énez, spent 10 months resting in a first fill bourbon barrel from Wild Turkey. It was bottled at cask strength in August of 2017 at 53.4% ABV. Cask #2931 yielded 252 bottles.

Located in Oaxaca, Mexico, Fabrica de Amigo del Mezcal is a 5th generation palenque helmed by Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Jiménez that is known for producing Mezcal for the Fidencio brand. The distillery has 6 200 liter directly fired copper pot stills encased in brick which adds to the rich earthy quality of their Mezcal.

Just so you know, while we’ve enjoyed Mezcal in the past, we’re far from experts on the subject (Hell! We’re far from experts on ANY subject. We just like to drink and talk about what we’re drinking. Is that so wrong?), so we have mucho to learn about the stuff. To see and hear all that we had to say about this high-octane y muy delicioso spirit from Oaxaca and our friends, Jason and Joshua of SCN, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to The West Coast Office for sharing a sample of this delicious spirit!

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