Whisky News Flash! Brenne Ten Is Here…

When the #WhiskyFabric speaks, we listen! Below is a press release from our friend, Allison Patel, announcing the birth of her newest baby, Brenne Ten…

Brenne Ten 2015

Brenne® French Single Malt Whisky Releases BRENNE TEN to Immediate Acclaim and Awards

Brenne® unveils its first age-statement whisky, already named #2 World’s Best Single Malt at the 2015 Wizards of Whisky and awarded a Gold Medal for Best European Single Malt.

NEW YORK, September 24, 2015 — Brenne® Whisky, the world’s premier French Single Malt Whisky, introduces Brenne TenTM in the U.S. today. This exquisite 10-year-old whisky, with a rich and resonant amber hue, is expertly crafted “seed-to-spirit” from organic malted barley and naturally pure water in the Cognac region of France. This extremely limited bottling —only 290 cases for 2015— is the marriage of four casks, hand-selected for their distinctive complexity and balance by the brand’s founder, Allison Patel.

The elder sibling to the highly praised Brenne Estate CaskTM (Rated 93 Points, Wine Enthusiast), Brenne Ten shares the same DNA and creamy, fruit-forward characteristics as Brenne’s inaugural expression, and yet it is altogether different. Chocolate-covered dried fruits are combined with deeper notes of raw honey, spiced vanilla cream, and a striking richness that continues to open up in the glass.

Before the October release, London’s Wizards of Whisky named Brenne Ten the #2 World’s Best Single Malt, in addition to awarding it a Gold Medal for Best European Single Malt. “A record number of entries were entered in to the European category this year, it was the largest category in the 2015 Wizards. Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2015 was the performance of a new 10-year-old whisky from Brenne in France,” said Dominic Roskrow, whisky writer and director of the Craft Distillers’ Alliance.

Brenne Ten’s uncommon journey begins in the fields of Cognac, France, where it is born from two organically grown varieties of heirloom barley. After careful fermentation and distillation in alembic Charente stills, the whisky rests for a decade in a combination of virgin French Limousin oak barrels and barrels previously used for aging Cognac.

“The launch of Brenne Ten represents a hugely exciting development for Brenne,” says Allison Patel. “This new expression celebrates the very foundations that make Brenne so distinctive—our gorgeous range of hand- crafted small-batch whisky, our exceptional Cognac-seasoned oak casks, and our dedication to bringing the art of French terroir to creating authentic, elegant, and innovative whiskies.”

Brenne TenTM will be available only in the U.S. beginning October 2015. For more information, visit


  • Color: Light Amber
  • Nose: A warm welcome gives way to dried fruits, spiced wood, toasted vanilla and light floral essence.
  • Taste: A silky mouth feel delivers Brenne’s signature smoothness with spicy black tea, chocolate, dried orange peel, and vanilla cream topped with cinnamon sugar.
  • Finish: Lingering traces of honeyed spice. Creamy and fireside-warm.
  • ABV: 48%
  • SRP: $100-$120 / 750 ML


Launched in New York City on October 1, 2012, Brenne’s founder Allison Patel delivered the first cases of Brenne Estate Cask via bicycle to a handful of stores and restaurants in Greenwich Village shortly before Hurricane Sandy. In just three years, Brenne has graduated from its humble beginnings to a sustained international presence on the world whisky stage.

Brenne was awarded Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky “Highly Commended” for Whisky Brand Innovator of the Year, 2014. And just last week in Louisville, KY, Brenne’s founder Allison Patel was awarded “Highly Commended” for World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year, 2016 also by Icons of Whisky.

Nationwide distribution of Brenne Whisky in the U.S. is through Classic Imports and in France via Les Whiskies du Monde. The introduction of Brenne Ten will coincide with the 3rd anniversary of the brand’s launch.


After winning her first ballet contract with the Joffrey Ballet at age 9, Allison Patel was dancing professionally in New York City by her early 20s. This achievement also meant financial struggle. “My first year I took home less than $20,000,” said Ms. Patel. “Given that $12,000 of that went to rent, how did I survive?”

She persevered by supplementing her income with odd jobs, from working the front desk at a health spa to helping an independent jewelry designer with sales. Over time, she learned valuable business, marketing and operations skills, and that perhaps there was life outside dance—the life of a small business owner, the life of an American craftsperson.

“I knew I needed to get the shackles of someone else’s business off me and run my own,” said Ms. Patel. After hanging up her pointe shoes and traveling through Europe, she hatched the idea to produce whisky at a farm distillery in Cognac, France. And the rest is small-business history.

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