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Whisky News Flash: The Whisky Woman Launches A French Single Malt Whisky in NYC!

I know we’ve said this many times, but the most rewarding part about all of this blogging business is connecting with other like minded people to discuss our similar interests. One such like minded individual is The Whisky Woman (aka Allison Patel). What separates Allison from most of the other people that we interact with on a regular basis via all forms of Social Media (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is the fact that Allison is actually in the spirits business. Throughout our interactions over the past year and a half, Allison has given us brief glimpses into one of her most important projects, i.e. launching a new whisky brand in the US market.

Since The Whisky Woman has been incredibly supportive and generous to the Booze Dancing crew, we figured the least we could do was help her get the word out about this new and very exciting product. Please join us in congratulating The Whisky Woman on the launch of Brenne French Single Malt Whisky!

Below is the official press release from Local Infusions, Allison’s whisky import company…



October 1, 2012Local Infusions is pleased to announce the launch of Brenne Estate Cask, a French Single Malt whisky produced, aged and bottled in Cognac, France.

Local Infusions President, Allison Patel, discovered Brenne somewhat unexpectedly. Scouring the world for a light, refreshing, approachable whisky that would be a counterpoint to her husband’s peaty single malt, she discovered a tiny distillery in France making small-batch Cognac for the best brands in the world. The 3rd generation distiller had a passion for craftsmanship and a secret love for whisky, which he quietly began making in 2002. Working closely with the distiller, she shaped his work to create Brenne Estate Cask – now available in New York City.

Brenne is a hand-crafted, seed-to-spirit whisky. The first release, Estate Cask, is made using 100% malted barley that is grown organically next to the distillery’s vineyards. The two varietals of barley are malted off-site and then brought back to the distillery to be fermented at colder temperatures and distilled twice in a copper alembic still. The aging starts with a minimum of five years in new French Limousin oak barrels that have been lightly charred. The whisky is then transferred into the distiller’s own used Cognac barrels for finishing.

Each bottle of Brenne Estate Cask is a single-barrel bottling. Barrels are not blended and the whisky is only lightly filtered to preserve the full flavor profile of spice notes from the malted barley and Limousin oak and the delicate floral and tree-fruit notes from the Cognac soaked oak.

About Local Infusions: Founded to bring non-traditional whiskies to the United States, Local Infusions is co-owned and managed by Allison Patel as a one-woman show. She is responsible for barrel management, production quality, importing, marketing, and distribution. Brenne Estate Cask is the first whisky from Local Infusions.

For more information, please visit or contact Allison Patel at


Be sure to follow The Whisky Woman and Brenne Whisky on Twitter, and if you’d like to know how you can get your hands on this French Single Malt Whisky, please visit The Whisky Woman’s blog for more information.

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  1. I don’t usually leave a comment on a someone’s blog post with the specific aim of plugging one of my own posts – but I think it’s important in the context of your posting the announcement of Brenne’s availability to state that I’ve drammed Brenne on several occasions and written a full critical review of it (which features a head to head with the only other malt whisky from Cognac).

    In short, Brenne is delicious stuff and offers a significant level of improved refinement over Bastille. It has a richly floral nose, silky gentle mouth feel, and a delicious orange/apricot citrus white chocolate palate and a gentle but extensive grapefruit and malt finish:


    • Coop!

      I wholeheartedly approve of your shameless self promotion! Thanks for sharing your excellent review. Looking forward to trying the stuff! Our bottle is on order.



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