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Days of Wine and (Four) Roses

I was a little intimidated when the Booze Dancing crew asked if I would guest post on their blog. I’m no whiskey, beer or really “anything” blogger, I just blog about what I like. But after reading many posts on “It’s just the booze dancing…” and seeing how often they referred to WWD, I felt like I was in my wheelhouse. Any blogger who regularly refers to Women’s Wear Daily, THE fashion newspaper, is a kindred spirit. And one I would like to write for.  And without further adieu…

whiskychoc-14The subject here:  Whiskey and Chocolate.  Specifically, Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon, Templeton Rye and the Vosges Mash Bill Truffle Collection.  I brought my generous supplies provided by the Baddish Group to a BBQ hosted by Stacey Snacks for an impromptu tasting.

whiskychoc-3The beautiful box was promising.

whiskychoc-5And it wasn’t long before Stacey and I broke into the chocolates.  Stacey forewarned me that she does not like truffles.  Then after she ate one she proclaimed, “Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! I don’t like it!  I love it!”

whiskychoc-4The Whiskey truffle infused with Templeton Rye, tart cherry and tobacco was our favorite.  I can’t say I was able to really taste the rye, but it was delicious and complex.

As far as pairing them with the whiskey, that didn’t happen.  There was a lot going on in the food department thanks to Stacey’s great cooking.

whiskychoc-1That’s not to say they weren’t imbibed.  They were.  And for me, there will always be something reminiscent of Maraschino Cherries when I drink bourbon or rye.  Maybe it’s the memory of stealing that little red beauty out of the bottom of my parents’ Manhattan as a kid, but I always feel that there is one lingering nearby when I’m drinking one of those whiskeys.

whiskychoc-10And as coincidence had it, Stacey made a cherry cake.  Which was fabulous with the whiskey.

whiskychoc-11And the chocolate.

whiskychoc-12She even brought me a Maraschino cherry to enjoy along with it.

 These happened to be beautiful pink ones that have no red dye or corn syrup.

whiskychoc-9We also enjoyed a delicious Barbaresco with our cake which was very fruit forward – specifically, cherries!  As you can see above, bourbon, rye and Barbaresco may lead to talking with your hands.

And a night of whiskey, wine, cake and chocolate may lead to a very fun evening with friends.


Thanks to the Booze Dancing crew for letting me ramble on their blog, and thanks to the Baddish Group for the delicious samples!

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  1. Great work Sarah! Those be some kick ass shots of what appears to be a kick ass afternoon. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Cheers!


  2. Excellent! We, of the underpaid staff of Booze Dancing, highly enjoyed your work. Anyone that can come in and raise the bar and not affect our wages is our kind of staffer!! Amazing pictures!


  3. Terrific post – and thanks for the heads up on what is now the most coveted thing at the top of my “I must get my hands on list” : Vosges whisk(e)y truffles. I will literally be in pig heaven once I get my hands on these guys. Awesome news–and mouthwatering photos! Slainte


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