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Whiskey Review – Jameson Crested Ten

Jameson Crested Ten

Last Fall, I was lucky enough to travel to the old sod over Jersey Week. A part of my spoils was a bottle of Jameson’s Crested Ten. This is sort of tweener, somewhere between the original Jameson and the more refined 12 but at a price point that is a lot closer to the original Jameson than it is to the 12. After I had made my selections at the Duty Free Shop in Dublin, the clerk commented on what a value the Crested Ten was. A quick look at the Celtic Whiskey shop reveals that the” brand was launched in 1963 and is Jameson’s oldest bottled brand. Not 10 years old as the name suggests, it is a fuller, richer, spicy, sherried version of the regular Jameson with the majority of the blend being 7-8 years with approximately 60% of the blend being pot still and 40% grain. Full-bodied with soft, delicate sherry undertones, toasted wood, perfectly balanced with fruit, spices and chocolate.” They go a step further and include a quote from Jim Murray’s A Taste of Irish Whiskey:

A whiskey of great finesse which is balanced beautifully between sweet and dry, light notes and heavy ones. Like all great Irish whiskeys, for the most satisfying results, this should not be sipped but taken by the mouthful and swallowed slowly.

I found the Crested Ten to be:

  • Appearance: Golden honey with good legs
  • Aroma: Toffee, heather and faint hint of mint tea.
  • Taste: Spicy on the tongue (peppery) with a nice balance of sweetness (toffee, vanilla and mint) and a velvety smooth, warming finish.
  • ABV: 40%

Lately, I have found that bottles at 40% ABV have become almost too soft and lack that oomph that is clearly discernible from something bottled at 43% – 46%. My complaint has been that what the spirit may have developed in smoothness it lost in an almost watered down quality. This was certainly not the case with the Crested Ten. Truth be told, I am a huge fan of all things Jameson; from the Original, to the Gold, to the 12 and the 18 to Red Breast and Midleton; just put it through their quality checks and put John’s signature on the bottle and I am sold. And, the Crested Ten did not disappoint. My only gripe, the bottle was only a 700ml. So, now I must savor what is left and keep it from the fellows. This will not make an appearance at Dregs Night.

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  1. This is definitely a very good whisky, and also an exceptional value. Next time I do an Irish flight, I will have to put this higher up in the rotation. While I most definitely enjoyed it this past Saturday night, it was the 5th or 6th wee dram of the night, so I didn’t get to fully appreciate it.

    And what’s with the no dregs night thing? You greedy bastard! So unlike you.


    • I didn’t realize I had so much Irish whiskey until I rolled out the bottles. Glad you enjoyed your flight. We will have to do this again for St. Pat’s Day. And, while the Crested Ten might not make Dregs Night, I’m sure it will make select appearances. Also, I have the Midleton and the Barry Crocket Midleton to add to your flight.


    • While visiting Dublin this past spring I walked into a whiskey shop in the Temple Bar area. My first question to the owner was what is your best Whiskey that I can only get in Ireland. He quickly walked over to a stack of Crested 10 and said it’s the best value in the shop and you won’t be disappointed with the taste. Upon return to Canada I opened the bottle atfter a dinner part at our home with a couple of scotch drinkers. I must say that we were totally blown away. My biggest regret was I only brought one bottle back as with glee my guess helped me finish the bottle that night. My wife has a contact in Ireland and she was able to send me 3 more bottles. It was so worth it even after paying for the whiskey and 73 euros postage to get these bottles. She is my hero.. some day before my 3 bottles are empty which may not belong. Jameson will export this gem to the world. Or I can just return to beautiful Ireland and load up the suit case.


    • He giveth and then he taketh away. Apparently, everyone is a critic. I thought my use of double stacked Jameson shot glasses was a nice touch.


    • The use of the double shots (as opposed to the doubletap, which is what I assume I have coming to me) was well executed. I actually thought it was a reflection in the granite at first. What I meant was that I hope you weren’t doing shots of the Crested Ten. That would be a waste of fine whiskey. Though it would make for a nice and quick buzz.


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