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Esquire’s Guide To The Proper Bar Tour

1.6 Miles Worth of Beer, Booze, and Cocktails in Center City Philadelphia

1.6 Miles Worth of Beer, Booze, and Cocktails in Center City Philadelphia

While there are only six Center City Philadelphia bars tagged in the map shown above (two of which I have never been to!), that only scratches the surface with regards to the number of eating and drinking establishments in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s no secret that the “It’s just the booze dancing…” crew loves a good old fashioned bar tour (or in the local parlance, a pub crawl), especially when it happens in one of the greatest beer drinking cities in America, but with so many places to go, you best have a plan!

Thanks to David Wondrich and the good people at Esquire Magazine, planning a bar tour has never been easier. The following 12 step infographic titled “How To Do A Bar Tour” was included in the “Man At His Best” section of the March 2013 issue:

Bar Tour How To

Click the pic to see a full sized version in a new window.

Over the past few years, we have done several of these bar tours (Philly Beer Week 2010 and Philly Beer Week 2011 are prime examples), and I am happy to report that Esquire Magazine’s tips are absolutely correct. Pick a theme and a few destinations. Keep the group small. Eat. Keep moving. Have an exit strategy. And most important of all, get home safely! Follow these simple steps and you too will have a fun filled night (or afternoon and early evening in our case) on the town.

If you have any bar tour/pub crawl tips, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Cheers!

One more thing…

If you happen to live in Philadelphia, or plan to visit our fair city anytime soon, pay a visit to the In Search Of Beer blog for several Philly Craft Beer itineraries. Our buddy Ryan has done all the hard work so that you don’t have to!

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  1. PBW 2010 & 2011 were excellent examples (though the Esquire rules don’t address the proper way to deal with an unanticipated confrontation with an anti-semitic pretzel – even a soft one). That issue aside, I agree that planning is critical. It’s much like strategic shopping at the mall. Know where you’re going at each stage before you lace up the pub crawl slippers.



  2. Next time I’m down in Philly, I’ll have to get your input. I don’t make it into center city much mainly because I’m clueless. I now have no excuse. Cheers!


    • Philly is definitely worth the trip. So many places to go, and not just in Center City. I wind up in Center City most times, but that’s only because of the convenience factor. South Philly. Old City. Northern Liberties. University City. Manayunk. All of those areas have places worth visiting. Just drop us a line and we’ll happily help plan your itinerary. Cheers!


  3. Oh, sure, the 18 years that I’m in the city; nothing. But, now that I’m way to the west of the city, come up with a walking tour of Philly bars.


    • It’s not my fault you signed away your soul for a few extra sheckles and a horrific commute. And as far as the pub tour, have you forgotten the Philly Beer Week strolls? Silly Wabbit.


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