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Second Annual Kipling Road Whiskey Fest

Preparations are under way for the Second Annual Kipling Road Whiskey Fest. In less than two weeks, the members in good standing of the Kipling Road Malt Society will gather for the second annual membership meeting. The format will be the same as last year: each member is required to bring a bottle of whiskey that they enjoy and are willing to share. There is no restriction on the type of whiskey; bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskeys are all welcome! One change this year is that there will be no Thai whiskey to represent the Far East. Suntory Fun Time anyone? Miracle Max has been busy assembling his collection of fine malt beverages (and maple syrup bottles!) and Glo is planning his menu. It remains to be seen if LimpD will be able to make it under his own power and if his dad will be joining the festivities this year.

Look for the full report in two weeks.

What would you bring to Whiskey Fest?

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  1. In honor of the 2nd Fest du Whisky, The Wookie plans to construct a commemorative Aluminum Pole for the occasion, since a Fest by any other name is still a Festivus.


  2. As far as what I plan to bring, I have my eyes on a bottle of Springbank and a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Bourbon. Father’s Day is right around the corner afterall, so I may have to treat myself.


  3. We can always add a demonstration of “feats of strength” and I’m sure an “airing of grievances” would be quite entertaining after an evening of drinking!


  4. Oh yes! I imagine many many grievances would be aired if we opened that door. Unleash the angry old man inside each and every one of us! Muhuhahaha!


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