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Jim Beam Peach and Apple Review

It’s always fun to browse the minis section of a liquor store because you just never know what they’ll have. While we’re normally on the look out for different whiskeys and other spirits that we’re curious about, every so often we’ll take a chance on something that we normally wouldn’t drink, which is how we wound up reviewing Fireball, Screwball and a few other oddities (to us).

During a recent booze shopping trip, we noticed a couple of Jim Beam minis that caught our eye with the very simple and straight forward names of Peach and Apple. Our first thought was that these were flavored whiskeys in the vein of the flavored Crown Royal whiskeys that we’ve reviewed in the past which we found to be very hit (Crown Royal Vanilla) or miss (Crown Royal Regal Apple). Turns out these Jim Beam spirits are a little different. Here’s what Jim Beam has to say about them…

Jim Beam Peach: Like sweet tea, front porches and pie cooling on the windowsill, Jim Beam Peach is a new southern staple. This perfect mix of two southern flavors is just as easy going in mixed drink as it is sweet and fresh in a shot glass. If you’ve ever tasted a bourbon peach cobbler, we probably had you at “Jim Beam Peach.” For those who haven’t, this mix of peach liqueur and our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey perfectly blends the flavors of fresh peach with woody bourbon undertones to create the perfect drink for both summer sessions and savory winter cocktails.

Jim Beam Apple: Surprisingly smooth and deliciously different, Jim Beam Apple is juicy but not overpowering. And because it retains a rich bourbon core, it’s perfect for both whiskey fans and those looking for a refreshing new cocktail. Made with all of the pride and experience of the Beam’s 220-year-old bourbon-making history, Jim Beam Apple is a perfectly balanced combination of apple liqueur and Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The result is a crisp, fresh burst of green apple with a warm bourbon finish. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks or with club soda and a lemon wedge.

So it sounds like these are Apple and Peach liqueurs infused with Jim Beam Bourbon as opposed to the other way around. To find out if these two libations are in our respective wheelhouses or had us running for the door, click play on the following video.

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