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Jean Luc Pasquet L’Organic 04 Cognac Review

Back in late March, we were fortunate enough to get schooled on all things Cognac by the great Dawn Davies of The Whisky Exchange, who just happens to know a thing or two about this famous French spirit. This schooling all went down on an episode of our What We Watch When We Drink podcast.

Prior to our podcast chat, we asked Dawn for some Cognac recommendations, and she was kind enough to give us quite the extensive list. One of the makers that she recommended is Jean Luc Pasquet. Thankfully, our local Total Wine had one some in stock, so we picked up a bottle for the podcast and a review on this here blog.

Here are a few words about this spirit taken directly from the High Road Spirits (their USA importer) website:

Wanting to showcase the beauty of a bright, younger cognac, L’Organic 04 is an alternative to the traditional VSOP. Rather than blending with various age statements, L’Organic 04 aims to exhibit the elegance and uniqueness of each stage of maturity. The 04 is a blend of two eau-de-vie aged 4 and 5 years, aged in Limosin oak barrels, 20% of which are new. It is dry and high in acidity, distilled twice sur lies in a Charentais pot still according to the traditional Cognac methods. Bottled on property, Pasquet’s cognacs are never chill filtered with no added sugar.

We’re far from Cognac experts, but we definitely appreciate a finely crafted version. To find out if this Jean Luc Pasquet Cognac expression is indeed finely crafted, click play on the following video:

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