Cognac Chat + The Menu with Special Guest, Dawn Davies of The Whiskey Exchange


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Gnac Gnac Gnac: The Three Stooges Meet Dawn Davies, Part 2

Boozedancing has joined the artificial intelligence revolution since our organic intelligence has plenty of holes that surely are beyond filling in. The BZChat6000 UniVac AI Processor and Espresso Maker finally arrived to much hoopla at Boozedancing HQ. After taking the big box it came in and building a fort, we put the BZChat6000 UniVac AI Processor and Espresso Maker through its paces. Once we found the power button, which took a mere 20 minutes, espresso was poured soon thereafter, and then the BZChat6000 UniVac AI Processor and Espresso Maker came up with this about our new episode of What We Watch When We Drink with special guest, Dawn Davies of The Whisky Exchange who came on to chat about cognac and the 2022 film, The Menu:

“The Three Stooges, unsuspecting and intrigued, with their Cognac Master friend sat down to watch the classic comedy, The Menu. With their noses twitching and their glasses ready, the Stooges were escorted into the Cognac cellar to discover the world of aromas and tastes of this spirit. As they tasted each one, the Master searched for subtle nuances, explaining each one. With a firm grasp on the knowledge of Cognac and the craft of blending, the Master happily shared her expertise with the Stooges. They shared drinks, plenty of laughter, and some heartfelt lessons in the importance of friendship. They all left the movie with a newfound appreciation for the power of laughter and companionship.”

Well, that arrow hit the target dead center! This AI stuff may replace us sooner than we think, and no doubt the Boozedancing fanbase can’t wait. Now if we can figure out how to clean the espresso maker part, we’ll be in business!

Take a listen to this one with Dawn as she visits again from her thatchy abode in The Cotswolds. In England! We talk about Cognacs and all the ‘gnacs, but not The Knack. Maybe next time. And we chew through The Menu, a delicious multi-course flick from last year.

As the BZChat6000 UniVac AI Processor and Espresso Maker says…

“Hey there! Are you looking for an amazing podcast? Look no further! Download this awesome podcast today and get ready to be blown away. Enjoy hours of great content, with topics ranging from finance to fitness to kittens, tech to travel, and more – all tailored to help you stay informed and inspired and getting your steps in. Get it now, it’s totally free!”

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