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Uncle Waithley’s Ginger Beer Review

Join us on a trip to the Caribbean by way of Harlem…

While we’re big fans of cocktails, they can be a bit fussy at times, so we generally stick with simple ones like an Old Fashioned or some sort of two ingredient highball, i.e. a cocktail made with something fizzy and a spirit (think G&T, a Mule variation, Dark & Stormy, etc.). As far as fizzy mixers go, Ginger Beer is quite versatile, so when the opportunity to try a new one that’s made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, we jumped at the opportunity.

The Ginger Beer we’ll be discussing is called Uncle Waithley’s. Here’s a bit of information about it:

A non-alcoholic small batch ginger beer, Uncle Waithley’s is a refreshing beverage and an ideal mixer to add great ginger flavor to cocktails and mocktails. It’s made with fresh, flavorful, all-natural ingredients (not extracts) that are balanced in the way only a true mixologist could. Uncle Waithley’s is uniquely enhanced with Scotch Bonnet, a pepper prized throughout the Caribbean and Africa, for its heat and flavor, giving the drink a spicy finish. Uncle Waithley’s is the only authentic Caribbean ginger beer with Scotch Bonnet on the market today.

Uncle Waithley’s is made using a proprietary process that is unique in the industry. “We grind and press fresh Peruvian organic ginger and then age our ginger beer using our Vintage Fermentation process for richness and maturation. We balance the added sugar with fresh-squeezed lime juice, turmeric, and mineral water infused with natural salts to enhance our flavors.”

This all sounds delightful, delicious, and delovely! Click the play button on the following video to find out if it actually is:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Buzzword PR for sending us this very generous sample!

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