Elements of Islay + A What We’re Watching Update

This episode of the What We Watch When We Drink podcast features Elements of Islay whisky from Elixir Distillers and a what we're watching on TV and in the theaters update. Plus, we solve the slog that is the MLB regular season!


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Back when we were making our way through the tough years at Boozedancing Academy Prep, getting through Chemistry 101 was a must. We could hardly balance a checkbook let alone a chemical equation. And the Periodic Table was a just a place to give purpose to the mandatory box of colored pencils we had to buy. Who the hell needs a #2 fuchsia lead pencil except to color in Rhodium?!?

Well, after all these years, we finally found something in ChemistryLand that makes sense to us. Thank you, Elixir Distillers! Your Elements of Islay has saved us and given us the enthusiasm to learn!

Episode 31 of What We Watch When We Drink is happy to feature the new core expressions from the Elements of Islay. “Limited edition single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers.” Sounds like chemistry to us!

And while we taste through these liquid chemical compounds, we’ll catch up on all the television and movies we’ve been consuming lately. The Last of Us, Poker Face, Ant Man, Party Down are just a few that we chat about. And we talk baseball which fulfills the Geometry requirement so we can get through the semester and not go on academic probation (again).

Thanks to ImpEx Beverages for the Elements of Islay samples!

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