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Legion Brewing Juicy Jay Double IPA Review

It’s been quite a few months since we’ve dipped our toes into the IPA waters. Thanks to a little care package from Charlotte, North Carolina’s Legion Brewing Company, we’re diving head first into a bigger, badder version of their flagship IPA which they call Juicy Jay.

Here’s a bit of information about the standard issue Juicy Jay:

Our interpretation of an “East Coast IPA” focuses on hop flavor and aroma rather than bitterness. The yeast used helps accentuate this said flavor and aroma, while leaving the beer hazy and full of citrus and tropical tones. It’s certainly not a West Coast IPA, but not quite a New England IPA either.

We don’t have all that much info about the Double IPA version of Juicy Jay, but we did get this blurb about it in an email:

On Saturday, 10/15, Legion Brewing, home of the wildly popular Juicy Jay, will release the brand-new Double Juicy Jay, a flavorful double IPA-styled variation of their signature Juicy Jay IPA. This is the first time this seasonal release has ever been brewed.

The new release will feature everything that hops and malt lovers enjoy about Juicy Jay, but in a bigger, hoppy-er package, and with an emphasis on delicious taste. With honeyed mango flavor tempering an aroma bursting with melon and tropical fruit, this is a fresh take on an old favorite that IPA lovers should try.

We always enjoy a well crafted IPA, and this one, with it’s not quite a West Coast IPA and not quite a New England IPA quality, certainly had us intrigued. Click play on the following video to hear our many many thoughts about it:

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