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Evil Genius Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout (aka I’ll Have What She’s Having) Review

Now that we’re officially into Autumn, let’s kick off the cooler weather months with a review of a beer that will surely warm you up…

The beer we’ll be discussing clocks in at a mighty 9.4% ABV. It’s a Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout called “I’ll Have What She’s Having” and it’s from Philadelphia’s Evil Genius Beer Company. We’ve had quite a few of their beers over the years, and trust us when we say that their beers aren’t just a bunch of clever and catchy titles, i.e. they make some mighty tasty brews!

Here’s what they have to say about “I’ll Have What She’s Having“:

This Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout is so rich and decadent, you’ll want to spread it on toast. Our winter seasonal Imperial Stout is infused with natural chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Rich, dark, and full-bodied without being sticky-sweet, this beer is smooth. Like, so smooth. Rob-Thomas-and-Carlos-Santana-on-an-ice-luge smooth.

Click play on the following video to hear our many thoughts about this delightful sounding beer:

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