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High Noon Pineapple and Black Cherry Vodka and Soda Review

We’re always open to suggestions when it comes to food and drink…

Today’s video features a review of two canned cocktail expressions from High Noon Sun Sips that were recommended to us by G-LO’s Better Half. She purchased these for a girl’s weekend getaway at the Jersey Shore and was kind enough to leave a few behind for us to try.

Here are a few words about the two flavors we decided to try:

A juicy burst of flavor that’s a little tangy and a little sweet, always bubbly and bright. Tastes like crashing a rooftop bar for an impromptu pool party (with a dozen of your closest friends).

Tastes like escaping to a Tahitian over-ocean cabana. Also perfect for day drinking by any available body of water. Sand between toes not included.

If that doesn’t sound delightful and inviting, then we don’t know what does. Click play on the following video to find out what we thought of these two refreshing sounding libations:

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