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Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea Review

It seems there is no end in sight to the canned cocktail craze that is sweeping the nation. Instead of the usual canned cocktails made with vodka, gin, whisky, etc., on today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we’re sampling three Boozy Tea expressions from a company called Owl’s Brew.

Here are a few words about Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea and their latest flavors taken directly from a recent press release that landed in our inbox:

Owl’s Brew, a leader in clean boozy beverages, is set to release two exciting new flavors this summer in their new variety pack Happiest Hour.

Green Tea & Peach along with Black Tea & Pineapple will be joining the brands award-winning flavor Jasmine & Blueberry for the upcoming variety pack.

Jennie Ripps, the brand’s co-founder, and certified Tea Sommelier, spent about six months perfecting the new flavors. “We are so excited to bring these new blends to market. Like all our products, these flavors are made from clean, real ingredients and were developed in my kitchen! They are refreshing, delicious, and add a lot of dimension to our current lineup.”

What makes the two new flavors so special? Green Tea & Peach is crafted from fresh-brewed organic green tea with a splash of peach juice, and a hint of raspberry. Black Tea & Pineapple is made from fresh brewed organic black tea, pineapple, with a splash of lemon juice. Both flavors are 100 calories, 4.8% Alc/Vol and have no added sugar. 

We like tea, and we definitely like booze (this is Booze Dancing TV after all!), so we were excited to give these libations the full Murder Table treatment. Click play on the following video to hear our many many thoughts:

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Many thanks to Innovative PR for sending us this very generous sample!

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