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Mixed Up Rita Canned Cocktail Review

A few weeks ago, we posted a review of four Mule Cocktail variations by Little Toad Creek Distillery of New Mexico. Those canned cocktails are called Mixed-Up Mule.

Today we’re reviewing two more canned cocktails from Little Toad Creek Distillery. This time we’re talking Margarita variations that go by the name Mixed-Up Rita. One is the classic lime version and the other is a mango variation.

Here’s what Little Toad Creek has to say about their Mixed-Up Ritas:

Classic Margarita, 10% ABV
We amp up the “Class” in our Classic Margarita. Simple flavors of citrusy lime and lightly sweet agave nectar mix with our house-made, stand-out triple sec and agave spirits. Tastes like it was freshly made by your favorite bartender!

Mango Margarita, 10% ABV
Mmmm……mango! Your taste buds travel to the tropics with real mango added to this bright twist on our Classic Margarita. A delicious combination of our house-made triple sec with agave spirits, fresh lime juice, bold mango, and a touch of sweetness from agave nectar. You might have just discovered your new favorite ready-to-drink cocktail!

We definitely enjoy well-crafted Margaritas, so we went into this tasting with a healthy dose of optimism because if a Southwestern US distillery can’t get a Margarita right, then no one can. Click play on the following video to hear our many thoughts about these two yummy sounding canned cocktails:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Big Thirst Marketing for sending us these very generous samples!

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