The Hunt for Red October + Lemon Hart Rum


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We’re calling this episode of One Show, One Drink “One Ping Only” (or “How I will live in Montana…marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me.”).

The always wonderful and time-sucking The Hunt for Red October is our show/movie as we DIVE DIVE DIVE deep into magma displacement, Admiral Halsey, Pavarotti, caterpillar drives, Crazy Ivans, countermeasures, scuttling the ship, British lntelligence, the latest typhoon class, SAPS, Paganini, Tupolev, whales humping, missile keys, left full rudder, Lithuanian by birth, lollipops, three one five, combat tactics, one chance in three, some buckaroo, chunky industrial weight puke, Thor’s Twins, Red Route One, periscope depth, consider cutting the kid a little slack, massive rescue operation, full ahead flank, seismic anomaly, no papers, the latest Los Angeles class, single ping, and the dimensions of the Playmate of the Month.

And we’ll dive into warmer waters with our Los Angeles class submarine palates into the Caribbean (Guyana to be exact) as we taste Lemon Hart Rum kindly provided by ImPex Beverages.

A Murderer’s Row cast, a killer movie, and classic rum. What more could you want in a podcast?

The Boozedancing Entertainment Network is going right full rudder, Jonesy, so come along for a listen!

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