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Iron Hill Orange Creamsicle Milkshake IPA Review

You have to love the constant tinkering that happens in breweries these days. Water, hops, yeast and grain in various combinations and the occasional other ingredient are blended together to make some unique beer concoctions. While these ingredient combinations don’t always work for us, we love the spirit of innovation and are always willing to give whatever these brewers come up with a try because your new favorite beer is always just one sip away.

One of our home town brewing heroes, aka Iron Hill Brewery, was kind enough to send us samples of one of their latest concoctions. Orange Creamsicle IPA is its name, and it sure sounds like a funky one based upon the following description:

Hooray for Summer and especially for this hazy, juicy, and creamy double dry-hopped Milkshake IPA. Brewed with lactose and finished with blood orange puree for a craft beer that tastes just like your favorite ice cream treat.

OG: 1.065
IBU: 23
ABV: 6.3%

To find out what we thought of this new brew from Iron Hill, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Food Shelter PR for sending us these very generous samples!

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