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Deep Ellum Brewing Ellum Ranch Patio Water Review

We’ve tried several tasty beers from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. of Dallas, Texas, so whenever one of their press releases lands in our inbox, we’re quick on the email reply draw and always ask for samples. The latest press release that found its way to our inbox was for a Hard Seltzer that Deep Ellum calls Ellum Ranch Patio Water.

Here’s what they have to say about it…

Escape the hustle & break from the grind with Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s new Ellum Ranch Patio Water. Inspired by the original West Texas cocktail, Ellum Ranch is a refreshingly tart hard seltzer made with 3% real lime juice, salt, and natural electrolytes.

Why Patio Water?
“Dallas isn’t exactly known for its Ranch life (or outdoors in general), so when we sat out to create a Ranch Water, we knew we couldn’t possibly pretend to be something we’re not. So, we put the Deep Ellum spin on it,” said Maksim Barkhatov, Owner of DACHA Studio and Creative Partner of Deep Ellum Brewing.

While we may be addicted to our big city grind, we still dream of the day when we get to dust off our boots and head out under the big Texas sky. But for now, let’s grab a 6-pack and head to our favorite poorly shaded patio to escape the Texas heat and enjoy a refreshing Patio Water. Tell your friends to pull up a chair, we’ll be here awhile.

4.5% ABV, 100 Calories, Gluten-Free. Brewed & Canned in Texas.

We’ve had more than a few Hard Seltzers in our day. Some of have been pretty good, but most were just ok. This Patio Water stuff sounds like a much more straightforward Hard Seltzer, so we were definitely optimistic going in to this tasting. Click play on the following video to hear our many many thoughts:

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Many thanks to Deep Ellum Brewing for sending us this very generous sample!

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